GlobalMAX Machines

Starting at $59,450

Made possible by our new
10 horsepower GlobalMAX pump.



GlobalMAX 1508 Thumbnail

X-Y Cutting Envelope: 2' 7" x 5' 0"
X-Y Cutting Envelope: 800 mm x 1,525 mm

GlobalMAX 1530 Thumbnail

X-Y Cutting Envelope: 10' 0" x 5' 0"
X-Y Cutting Envelope: 3,050 mm x 1,530 mm

GlobalMAX 2040 thumbnail

X-Y Cutting Envelope: 13' 3" x 6' 8"
X-Y Cutting Envelope: 4,038 mm x 2,032 mm



Boosts Productivity & Process Efficiency

Boosts Productivity & Process Efficiency

Whether you are replacing an existing process or complementing your current workflows, GlobalMAX enables you to leverage the benefits of abrasive waterjet cutting. Do more work faster with a GlobalMAX waterjet.

Fast Programming

Fast Programming & Optimized Cutting

Easy to use GlobalMAX Software offers lightning-fast programming and extraordinary power and performance. Our cutting model powers precise cutting motions and fast cutting speeds to optimize time and increase productivity.

Omega Drive System

Omega Drive System

The X/Y motion drive systems are engineered for the abrasive waterjet industry. This drive technology requires no lubrication and the 180 degree engagement with the drive provides a smoother transition from rotary to linear motion than traditional rack and pinion systems.

Robust Direct Drive Pumps

Robust Direct Drive Pumps

With technology proven in thousands of installations worldwide, GlobalMAX pumps feature our direct drive design that delivers 30% more nozzle power than other pump technology. The added power means you can produce parts faster and at a lower cost.

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