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FABTECH 2021: Waterjet Performance, Innovation and Insights

If you made it to Chicago for FABTECH 2021, you saw plenty of technologies that claimed to improve your work and your workflow. At the OMAX booth, we proved what we can do for you. With a trio of demonstrations, we showed you how our abrasive waterjets can give your shop the versatility to tackle virtually every type of project and material. That's one of the biggest assists waterjets give you: The ability to say, "Yes, we can cut that," when customers bring you everything from metal and glass to stone and composites.

Throughout the show, our live demos showcased the speed and power of abrasive waterjets and gave visitors an opportunity to see real cutting action on an OMAX 80X Precision JetMachining Center. This bridge-style multi-axis powerhouse with standard Bulk Abrasive Delivery System and IntelliTRAX high-precision linear drive technology makes quick work of big parts and nested projects. It uses our industry-leading IntelliCAM software to generate 2D and 3D paths from 3D models for a quick transition from CAD file to cut.

On the smaller end of our portfolio, we put our compact ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet through its paces. This little guy's ideal for prototyping, classrooms, picking up the slack for bigger shops and giving maker spaces a big step up in cutting ease and performance.

The third machine we featured at FABTECH, our MAXIEM 1530 JetMachining Center, takes versatility to new levels with wide-ranging job capabilities and high-precision output. Its digital linear encoders provide immediate micron-level cutting head-position feedback to the waterjet controller for accurate part production.

We also welcomed Richard Day, better known on YouTube as 42Fab, who stopped by our booth to learn more about the flexibility and performance of abrasive waterjet technology. In his latest video, he explored our live demos, busted a few myths about garnet use and pump longevity, and learned how we use taper compensation to enhance cutting results.

If you couldn't make it to Chicago this year, we’re bringing the technology directly to you. Catch all the action now on our Fabtech Virtual Experience, where we’ve prepared cutting demos, discussions of how to choose the right waterjet and abrasive, product-line comparisons, along with explanations of how our pumps work and how easy they are to service. We've also shared tips for ideal water treatment, talked about waterjet history and explained how to be a smart waterjet buyer.

To see the latest on-demand highlights, check out the experience here.

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