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Custom Cut Machine Inc.

Custom Cut Machine Inc, based in British Columbia, Canada, replaced their Flow CNC waterjet driven by the vendors own CAM software in June 2007 with an OMAX 80160. They had been considering a CAM system upgrade since 2005, as although the previous software worked fairly well there was room for improvement with nesting efficiency and ease of use.

Lyle Paulson, President said; “I spent three years evaluating the market. I finally focussed on three systems over a six month period, and spent a day with each vendor. Two of the systems were up to 10% less efficient than JETCAM, which was recommended by OMAX. Also, I felt that they were clumsy, and the staff did not seem to have the same in-depth technical knowledge about their own products as the JETCAM dealer, NestOne Solutions. We weighed out all of the pluses - support, machine support, efficiency, and JETCAM came out way ahead.”

JETCAM Expert was installed in June 2007, along with JETCAM’s free form high performance nesting module, which outperformed the previous CAM system by over 30%, with one order which previously spanned 54 sheets now taking just 38. The installation process was seamless, with the software installed and generating 100% accurate NC code the same day.

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