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Food-Tech 2002's MAXIEM Enables Speed & Versatility

Food-Tech 2002 in Hungary uses their MAXIEM 1530 to cut stainless steel for canning & refrigeration equipment production. Citing economic and uptime advantages, Food-Tech 2002 has utilized waterjet as a central element in their shop. The versatility of the waterjet allows the company to cut plastic, aluminum and others of multiple sizes.

Element Materials Relies on MAXIEM Abrasive Waterjet for Perfect Sampling

It takes a competitive edge to stay in business for 190 years. With more than 100 locations around the world, Element Materials is a global provider of testing, inspection and certification services for a diverse range of materials and products. Its customers compete in sectors in which failure in service is not an option.

Originally formed from the in-house materials testing and...

Idrocut supplies precision waterjet cutting to central Europe

Out of Vincenza, Italy, Idrocut is a waterjet job shop cutting everything from leather to hardened steel. In 2017, the company purchased their first OMAX waterjet, an OMAX 80X-1. Two years later, to keep up with rising demand for waterjet cutting in central Europe, Idrocut added a MAXIEM 2060 to their floor. The company cites OMAX’s precision as the main factor for choosing it over other...

Component manufacturing - Sleek and Economical

This article originally appeared in the German Magazine Fertigung


Werkzeug-Komponenten-Fertigung GmbH Sachsen (WKFS) primarily uses CNC machine tools to manufacture components for tools, fixtures and machine construction. For several years now, a powerful OMAX JetMachining 60120 waterjet system from OMAX distributor INNOMAX AG has been adding to the company’s machining...

Bendigo Tech School’s Multi-Tasking Abrasive Waterjet

Bendigo Tech School, in Central Victoria, Australia, is a centre of deep learning for secondary students that uses cutting-edge technology, discovery, and innovation to solve real-world problems. Hosted by La Trobe University Bendigo, the tech school provides advanced STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) programming to prepare young people for the future of work....


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