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Custom Metal Fabrication for the High-End Architectural and Commercial Markets

Trend Manufacturing, Inc.

Ever wonder what inspires the younger generation of manufacturers these days? A young entrepreneur equipped with a MAXIEM® 1530 JetCutting Center is taking New York City by storm with his custom metal fabrication service and fearless drive to pursue high-end, metropolitan, interior design projects.

Yotam Kehati, the founder of Trend Manufacturing, Inc., opted out of Boston University's mechanical engineering program at age 20, realizing his success in the interior design industry meant spending all of his time building his own fabrication business. While it was hard to leave his academic achievement behind, he found the decision to leave school extremely necessary.

"It was time for me to move on and get serious about what I truly love – expressing myself through manufacturing on my own terms," Kehati said.

An early entry into the work force paid off as he immediately won projects from niche market interior design firms, such as Mark Dizon and Josh Held. "Architects and designers from boutique firms are always enthusiastic to work with me because I am excited by the challenge of finding a balance between form and function," he said.

When researching equipment for his shop, Kehati quickly realized waterjet technology capabilities were limitless for the custom fabrication industry. To bring his clients' intricate designs into fruition, he chose abrasive waterjet technology as his main cutting tool, taking on an influx of architectural projects such as: decorative metal structures, display mounting fixtures, light boxes made out of galvanized tubing, and floor inlays cut from porcelain or brass.

"Our MAXIEM has transformed our creativity in manufacturing, and surpassed traditional machining and hand-crafting techniques," Kehati said. "The waterjet allows Trend to offer quick solutions to difficult design and manufacturing dilemmas."

Within a New York minute, a design dilemma presented itself to the young entrepreneur as soon as he installed the MAXIEM 1530 in his shop. He was asked to produce and expedite a complex mirror lattice grid for the drop ceiling at The Darby, a sleek downtown restaurant catering to celebrities and New York's dining elite. With the waterjet, he was able to cut 90 pre-polished 4 foot x 8 foot mirror aluminum sheets that were 1/8th of an inch thick. Kehati said the complex grid comprised of several hundred uniquely shaped pieces that were cut on the MAXIEM. After the pieces were installed with 3,000 fasteners, the mirror aluminum grid elegantly hung from the ceiling and contoured the side of the walls.

Only the MAXIEM jet cutting machine gave Trend the advantage to meet the metalwork installation deadline just days before the restaurant's grand opening, he said. The abrasive waterjet's cutting repeatability and capability to import a RhinoCAD® file into Intelli-MAX® control software allowed him to easily produce the appropriate hole patterns he desired for the critical fasteners. Afterwards, he was able to roll form and hand craft the corner pieces to produce the curvature effect.

The Big Apple's hospitality industry certainly has an appetite for Trend Manufacturing's customized fabrication work. Prototypes are often requested by upscale retail stores, hotels, or entertainment club clients who want one-of-a-kind furniture productions; decorative bar tables and shelving; unique lighting structures; or stylish wall construction. Depending on the scale of the project, Kehati can promptly create samples with his MAXIEM JetCutting Center with the simple adjustment of a tool offset or material cutting specification in Intelli-MAX.

"The MAXIEM has not only allowed me to stay competitive in my business, but it has provided me with a platform to outperform," he said. "From single parts to production runs, the cutting quality never wavers, and many new designs have means to come to life."

Photos of Francois Payard Bakery and Whisky Blue by Anthony Rudick

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