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Going to the Extreme With Jacyl Technology

Jacyl Technology

Did you know the third largest naval installation in the world is located in Crane, Indiana? Most of the ruggedized computer systems made by Jacyl Technology are used on applications from the Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. All the commercialized computers you buy from a local retail store cannot handle the rough conditions required by the military. So Jacyl Technology designs and builds computers that can survive extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and other conditions. Since military customers need their projects in a quick turnaround time, Jacyl Technology decided to promote their business as a rapid prototype house, but they needed the right equipment in their job shop to compete for work. They looked at all the money they were spending on outsourcing cutting services, and decided it made more economic sense to bring those services in-house. Jacyl Technology chose abrasive waterjet technology to bring them to that level, and they have been providing immediate turnkey manufacturing solutions to their customers ever since.

In 2008, they purchased an OMAX® JetMachining® Center Model 55100 to create their customized computer chassis. Now 90% of the material used to build a computer chassis is cut in-house on their abrasive waterjet. They also cut six to seven different materials on the waterjet for interior components of the chassis as well. Joel Huebner, president of Jacyl Technology, calls his OMAX the Swiss Army® knife of cutting material.

"We have started to promote to our community that we can cut pretty much any material," Huebner said. "We've had a lot of customers who want us to cut Teflon, very unique alloys of metals, plastics, phenolic, mylar type materials, aluminum, different steels, and rubber for rubber shims. So it's very versatile for customers who don't realize what you can cut with the waterjet."

Waterjet technology allowed Jacyl Technology to approach more customers by providing high accuracy cuts. Military customers require exact tolerances for their ruggedized computers, Huebner said. With the in-house equipment advantage, they are able to assemble multiple pieces cut off the OMAX and ensure parts fit snuggly together.

"In the morning, we can go through and cut an entire product out and have a prototype put together because we can do everything in-house and have the accuracy of the waterjet," Huebner said. "We know it's going to go together since it"s been designed to nest together for the customer."

An abrasive waterjet machine permits them to be rapid response designers who can also offer competitive pricing. They helped one customer eliminate extra manufacturing processes by utilizing waterjet cutting for all the materials. Their customer concentrated on the end-use system requirements, while Jacyl Technology focused on the turnkey computer solution.

Huebner said owning a waterjet is a huge part of producing prototypes quickly in a job shop. They really don't know what sort of projects will come their way on a day to day basis.

"We have one material today; tomorrow we'll cut something else in different quantities," he said. "For the military and high industrial projects, our clients need to have their products immediately. We can provide that because we have a full-sized waterjet in-house. We haven"t come across any size of material that we can't cut."

Jacyl Technology
President: Joel Huebner
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Specializes in: Custom electronic circuit boards and ruggedized computer systems
Founded: 2002
Website: www.jacyl.com

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