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OMAX Highlights Waterjet’s Composite Cutting Capabilities at CAMX 2017

KENT, Wash., July 07, 2017 - At CAMX 2017, OMAX® Corporation will highlight the benefits and advantages of using their abrasive waterjets to machine composites and advanced materials in booth E48. Waterjet experts will discuss how recent advancements in waterjet technology have made these machines extremely precise and require minimal set-up time, even when cutting complex geometries.

Visitors to the OMAX booth will learn how the process of abrasive waterjet machining is ideal for composites and advanced materials because there is no heat affected zone (HAZ), no change to the material properties, and the small kerf size allows for close nesting of parts to maximize material usage. Attendees will also have the opportunity to watch software demonstrations to see how intuitive OMAX waterjets are to use, requiring no special programming skills.

Waterjet experts in the OMAX booth will be available to answer questions, explain the wide variety of the company's table size offerings and accessories, and to discuss how OMAX machines can be configured to meet the cutting needs of any business, from one-off prototypes to high capacity production.

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