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OMAX To Showcase Full Range of Waterjets at FABTECH 2019

KENT, Wash., July 24th, 2019 – At FABTECH 2019, OMAX® Corp. will demonstrate the power of abrasive waterjets on four different machines models. Show attendees can explore each of the OMAX product lines to find out what waterjet is right for their particular applications. In booth A5731 at McCormick Place, Chicago, November 11th – 14th, OMAX will showcase an OMAX 80X with a Tilt-A-Jet, a MAXIEM 1530 with an A-Jet, a GlobalMAX 1508 and the personal ProtoMAX. OMAX will also present at FABTECH 2019’s Educational Program on complimentary machining and how adding an abrasive waterjet to your shop floor adds value to your workflow.

Visitors to OMAX’s booth will experience live cutting demonstrations on several high-productivity, well-known OMAX cutting solutions, including the MAXIEM 1530 with A-Jet and the OMAX 80X Series with Tilt-A-Jet. Both of these showcase the company’s wide selection of sizes and specifications and will show how simple and fast it is to cut 3D parts, component features smaller than 300 microns or taper-free parts from various material types and thicknesses without the need for any tool changes.

The Tilt-A-Jet’s advanced automated taper compensation attains virtually zero taper for the precision cutting of parts with square, taper-free edges, including interlocking pieces and dovetail fittings, all while maintaining extremely high cutting rates.

The A-Jet articulated cutting head cuts accurate beveled edges, angled sides and countersinks.

The value-oriented GlobalMAX 1508 features a 0.8 x 1.5 meter cutting bed size. Like all OMAX abrasive waterjets, the GlobalMAX can cut almost any material and a wide variety of material thicknesses without any heat-affected zone (HAZ). The economical machine does X/Y axis cutting with three degrees of freedom and has several compatible accessories, including a terrain follower, a pneumatic drill and bulk garnet feed hopper.

The compact, personal ProtoMAX can cut through nearly any material up to 1 inch thick including aluminum, carbon fiber, glass and so much more. The machine’s comprehensive versatility and relatively small size makes the ProtoMAX an ideal abrasive waterjet for prototyping and R&D for customer one-offs and proof of concept fabrication. The pump and cutting table are on casters for easy relocation.

On Wednesday, November 13th at 10am, OMAX Lab Specialists, Vlad Bucur and Jeff Anheier will present at the educational program on adding an abrasive waterjet to a machine shop. Some of the topics covered will include ease-of-use, near-net machining, fixturing, as well as an overview on cost saving techniques implicit in waterjet integration.

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