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LAYOUT is our innovative CAD software that creates tool paths for your OMAX or MAXIEM abrasive waterjet system. LAYOUT includes all the basic commands you'd expect to find in a CAD package, as well as a whole suite of tools specific to abrasivejet and waterjet machining, including cut quality specification, tool path fonts, gear and rack generation, and a lot more.

LAYOUT allows you to import drawings directly from other programs, works with standard DXF files and many other file formats, and includes the IntelliTRACE feature, which allows you to take an image from a scanner, digital camera or the Internet and quickly convert it to a vector drawing.

  • Includes tools that are specific to abrasive waterjet machining and water only cutting machining
  • Automatic and manual lead in/out tools
  • Automatic and manual tool path generation
  • Automatic collision prediction and correction
  • Quality assignment tools to allow you to specify on a per-feature basis whether to cut for speed, precision or other attribute
  • Supports OMAX Tool Path fonts and Windows® True Type fonts
  • Specializes in automatic raster to vector format conversions with IntelliTRACE
  • Supports importing from a wide variety of CAD, vector, and bitmap image formats

See LAYOUT in Action

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Draw or Load Drawing

Easily load a drawing from nearly any CAD program, or draw your own part with our intuitive tools.

Edit Drawing

Add features or modify existing objects in the drawing with our many precision drawing tools.

Create Tool Path

Use the simple yet powerful AutoPath feature, or manually create your path to include leads and traverses.

Not all options are available on MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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