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Designed from the ground up specifically for abrasivejet control, MAKE controls your OMAX or MAXIEM JetMachining Center by sending precise motor control commands to move the nozzle along your tool path, while simultaneously controlling the flow of abrasive and high pressure water. By applying advanced internal cutting models, and using built-in compensations for speed, acceleration, and jerk, MAKE is able to provide exceptional results in rapid high-precision abrasive waterjet machining. Advanced corner and piercing optimizations are also automatically applied, for even greater cutting speed and precision.

Cutting edge features in MAKE expand abrasive waterjet machining potential, such as precise computer control of the jetstream pressure to allow for piercing of brittle materials and advanced taper reduction methods that deliver extraordinary cutting precision and speed. Because MAKE cuts the part in software first before sending it to the machine, the comprehensive and highly detailed part time estimates, job quoting and reporting features are precise down to fractions of a second. These reports can be created from your desktop or laptop computer, away from the machine.

  • Fourth generation cutting model
  • Optimal stack height calculator
  • Special cutting quality for minimum taper
  • Accurate part machining time estimating
  • Automatic detection of potential collision areas and navigation around them
  • Standard and custom reports
  • History tracking
  • Computer-controlled cutting stream pressure allows piercing of brittle materials
  • Easily resize, rotate, or flip part for prototyping, or to align with existing features
  • Reduce programming time to achieve minimum taper quality with higher precision and speed
  • Import from a wide variety of third party CAM programs
  • Support manual and array nesting so the end user can easily make multiple copies of the same part while getting the most from the material
  • Open file formats, along with free consultation from OMAX, allow nearly any 3rd party CAM system to output to the OMAX

See OMAX MAKE in Action

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Import a Tool Path

MAKE can open files from many CAD/CAM programs, and some programs such as IntelliCAM can send parts directly to MAKE.

Set Features and View Reports

Easily verify complex features such as tilts through advanced viewing modes, and receive detailed reports on machining your part.

Cut with Precision and Speed

With the click of a button, your OMAX or MAXIEM abrasive waterjet engages its extraordinary cutting power to produce finished parts quickly and precisely.

Not all options are available on MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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