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The OMAX Water Recycling System is designed to capture the workable overflow water for recycling to the proper specifications, then returning the water back to the high pressure pump. A filtration system traps suspended particles and ensures that high quality water feeds to the high pressure pump. An ozone generator is used to reduce bacteria growth.

  • Closes the exit drain completely and allows you to reuse the water
  • If maintained properly, the Water Recycling System meets the OEM desired water quality sent to the high pressure pump
  • Recycles and conditions make-up water to OEM specifications
  • Assists in complying to local or state waste authority disposal regulations
  • Provides a configurable system so minimal solids are present in the recycled water
  • Recycles all water used in the cutting and cooling process
  • Laminar weir prefilter system
  • Bag/cartridge filters for suspended solids
  • Resin for TDS/dissolved solids filtering
  • Ozone generator for bacteria control
  • Separate chiller for heat dissipation
  • One micron absolute final filter
  • Filter, deionization resin, and low water alarms


  • Inlet water temperature at or below 70° F (21° C)
  • Inlet water pressure above 30 psi (2.1 bar)

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