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Add extra data to your tool path using the XData feature in LAYOUT

The OMAX CAD software, called LAYOUT, includes a feature that lets you input "extra" data for any entity in a drawing or tool path. We call it XData, short for extra data, and it's great for doing things like specifying pause points, adding a note for the machine operator to display on the screen, or customizing the cutting speed for a specific entity. XData can also be used to control custom accessories like the tilting of an A-Jet or Tilt-A-Jet cutting head and rotation of the Rotary Axis

Adding XData is fast and easy. With a tool path open in Intelli-MAX LAYOUT, select an entity, select 'XData' from the top menu, then select 'Edit XData for Selected'. You can then choose a command from a drop-down list and input a value for the selected entity. The XData will be added to that entity and displayed in LAYOUT with both an icon and a text description. OMAX MAKE takes the XData and applies it to the cutting path. Even if the entity is modified later, the XData will remain in place. 

For more information on using this feature, search on 'XData' in the OMAX Interactive Reference (OIR).

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