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Reduce Downtime with System Monitoring Software

System monitoring software enables you to connect operation controls with machine maintenance and upkeep for increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Programs such as MTConnect or OMAX IntelliVISOR run in parallel with a machine tool’s controller software to maximize productivity and provide a comprehensive alert system that keeps you and your operators connected and aware of your machine's status.

For any machine tool, a good system monitoring program and alert system is a complex relational data model that provides a platform to serve a variety of use cases. This platform allows system designers, service technicians and end-users to tailor the behavior and experience of the software to their needs and application while allowing operators to manage multiple machines more easily. In addition, the platform provides users with analytics enabling them to maintain a lean but reliable inventory of spare parts and automatic machine performance event notifications to reduce downtime. Top to bottom, accurate system monitoring allows for a fully comprehensive understanding of your machine tool input and output. This type of interconnectivity is central when moving into the future phases of an automated machine shop.


The IntelliVISOR System Monitoring software runs on the OMAX PC controller as a system application in parallel with MAKE to offer additional machine feedback and to allow the user to set alerts and pauses. IntelliVISOR provides a common interface for monitoring various sources and accommodates new monitoring packages and accessories on the fly with no updates required.

The IntelliVISOR software contains a list of watch parameters called modules which process some inputs and can optionally store limit thresholds (low warning, low error, high warning and  high error). For each of these limits, automated alert messages can be configured to show on screen and logged to a file, or sent via email or mobile SMS (requires the machine to have Internet connectivity functionality).

MT Connect

MTConnect is an Association for Manufacturing Technology communication standard that allows various automated machine tools to output data in a common format that enables third-party programs or agents to pick up and present the data in a manner meaningful to the user. The OMAX machine has implemented an adapter that processes messages that the OMAX generates and then converts into useful data for designated third-party applications or agents.

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