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A Nepalese Gristmill, a Waterjet and Fort Lewis College

Waterjetting isn’t new to stone fabrication, though it is still not the norm. Due to being quick, accurate and safe, waterjets are starting to be featured more in stone shops working in the custom architectural and design fields. From granite to Dekton, abrasive waterjet is perfect for cutting chip-free countertops, intricate medallions, beveled edges, straight cuts and geometric arcs. Common stone applications include quartz blanks for precision mirrors, inlaid marble flooring, decorative wall panels, stone sculptural pieces and, when the need arises, granite gristmill stones. The ability to machine precise dimensions in nearly any material makes waterjet a perfect tool for intricate jobs with expeditious turn-around times. With optional water level control, machining can be done underwater allowing for a significant reduction of harmful dust and particulates.


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