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Buying a Waterjet: A Personal Journey

"Just when we were about to make a decision, we received an email from OMAX waterjets describing their new line of waterjets known as the MAXIEM. I was expecting to read the typical descriptions about the quality of the ballscrews, the precision and accuracy of the cuts, and of course the reliable and consistently high psi achieved by the hydraulic drive pump, but to my surprise, the MAXIEM line of waterjets use neither ballscrews nor a hydraulic intensifier pump— they use a direct drive pump. We stopped in our tracks and decided to call OMAX and have them send out a rep to meet with us, because the price of these new MAXIEM machines were significantly less expensive – not cheap – but less expensive than any other competing American brand. We wanted to get the whole story."

"Buying a Waterjet: A Personal Journey" is by Mark McMunn. Reprinted by permission, courtesy Slippery Rock Gazette.

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