The A-Jet is a completely software-controlled multi-axis cutting head that greatly expands the versatility of the OMAX JetMachining Center. With a cutting range from 0° to 60°, the A-Jet can easily cut beveled edges, angled sides, and countersinks. Advanced features in the Intelli-MAX Software Suite allow the A-Jet to compensate for taper and easily create complex 3D shapes. With its inherent high level of positioning accuracy, the A-Jet is capable of cutting parts that require no secondary finishing, significantly reducing part production time.

  • Eliminates secondary machining and grinding for fabrication processes, ideal for common welding projects
  • Easily creates countersinks and weld-ready edges
  • Precision angular motion can create unique 3D parts
  • Fully automatic taper compensation to minimize taper on finished parts
  • OMAX-unique High Angle Fusible Mixing Tube protects precision mechanism
  • Cutting angle ranges from 0° to 60°
  • Three modes of taper compensation
  • Supplied with a MAXJET 5i Nozzle, which includes an OMAX High Angle Fusible Mixing Tube
  • Designed for high flow/high power abrasive waterjet applications with multiple pumps by using large diameter tubing with minimal pressure loss
  • Features a fixed focal point design, where the XYZ axes do not need to move as the head tilts


  • Terrain Follower automatically adjusts to accommodate warped flat plate
  • Rotary Axis allows for complex 6-axis 3D parts and precision beveled pipe fittings
  • 0.030" Fusible Mixing Tube for finer kerf size


  • A bridge-style OMAX JetMachining Center (for cantilever-style OMAX JetMachining Centers, contact an OMAX sales representative for details)
  • OMAX 9-axis PC-based controller
  • OMAX Intelli-MAX 18 Software Suite or later for taper compensation

Application Usage

Weld Prep Cutting

The A-Jet makes cutting bevels simple, and software controls help to eliminate taper.

3D Machining

Through advanced yet easy-to-use software enhancements such as XData, the A-Jet is capable of cutting complex three dimensional shapes quickly and accurately. Simply set the cutting angle to the drawing entity, and the software automatically sets the A-Jet to accurately and quickly cut the shape.

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